Top 9 Universities in America Catering to Every Student's Needs

Becoming a resident student in your state can result in substantial cost savings. For public institutions, out-of-state tuition can be around 60% more expensive than in-state tuition, while for private colleges, it can be nearly 70% higher


Top 9 Most Affordable Universities in America

#1. University of Washington


Location : Seattle, WA



#2. CUNY Brooklyn College


Location : Brooklyn, NY



#3. Purdue University


Location : West Lafayette, IN



#4. University of Florida


Location : Gainesville, FL



#5. Oklahoma State University


Location : Stillwater, OK



#6. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Location : Chapel Hill, NC



#7. California State University-Long Beach


Location : Long Beach, CA



#8. California State University- Los Angeles


Location : Los Angeles, CA



#9. Indiana University-Bloomington


Location : Bloomington, IN