Apply for 2024 Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship: Up to £625,000

The Royal Academy of Engineering is excited to unveil its annual Research Fellowships program, aimed at shaping the future landscape of engineering by nurturing exceptional early-career researchers. This esteemed opportunity is tailored to offer crucial support to emerging talents, empowering them to spearhead impactful research and foster innovation within the engineering realm.

Royal Academy of Engineering Research

Key Advantages of the 2024 Royal Academy Fellowship

Guidance and Mentorship:

Fellows benefit from invaluable guidance provided by seasoned Academy Fellows, offering insightful advice on both research endeavors and career progression.

Reduced Administrative Obligations:

By alleviating teaching and administrative duties, the fellowship affords fellows the opportunity to channel more time and energy into their research pursuits.

Training and Networking Initiatives:

Fellows gain access to an array of training programs and networking events, facilitating connections with fellow Research Fellows and esteemed members of the Academy.

Establishing a Robust Research Portfolio:

The fellowship serves as a springboard for fellows to cultivate a robust research portfolio, thereby enhancing their prospects for securing additional funding and expanding their research teams.

Join Our Community of Engineering Visionaries

For comprehensive details regarding eligibility criteria and application procedures, please visit our website. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to the Academy’s research programs team at research@raeng.org.uk. Seize this unparalleled opportunity to shape the trajectory of engineering and emerge as a frontrunner in the field!

Objectives of the 2024 Royal Academy Research Fellowships Program

Fostering Early-Career Excellence:

The program is dedicated to identifying and supporting the most promising early-career researchers, equipping them with the necessary resources and mentorship to establish their independence and garner international recognition.

Sustained Backing for Impactful Research:

Our fellowship offers sustained funding to facilitate ambitious engineering research endeavors that hold the potential to address significant global challenges.

Cultivating STEM Ambassadors:

Through the nurturing of exceptional talent, we endeavor to cultivate ambassadors for the Academy and advocates for STEM disciplines, fostering a dynamic and inclusive community of engineering professionals.

2024 Royal Academy Eligibility Criteria and Application Procedure

Applications are invited from early-career researchers worldwide who have attained their PhD within the last four years. This scheme, generously funded by the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology (DSIT), provides funding for a duration of five years, with each application capped at a maximum contribution of £625,000 over the period, covering 80% of full economic costs.

How to Apply for the 2024 Royal Academy

Qualified applicants for the Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship Program, can submit their applications via the Academy’s Grants Management System at https://grants.raeng.org.uk/

For more details, kindly visit the official Royal Academy website on https://raeng.org.uk/research-fellowships

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the 2024  Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship program is September 18, 2024.


The Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowships present a unique opportunity for early-career researchers to shape the future of engineering. Through mentoring, reduced administrative duties, and access to training and networking opportunities, fellows are empowered to drive impactful research and innovation. The program’s objectives focus on supporting excellence, sustaining impactful research, and cultivating ambassadors for STEM. With a commitment to diversity and inclusion, the program aims to ensure equal opportunities for all applicants. This initiative stands as a beacon for fostering a vibrant and diverse community of engineering professionals poised to tackle global challenges.